Terms and conditions

Prior to the use of any service or content offered on ebookfields.com, this document must be read carefully and completely.

These General Conditions constitute the rules and regulations provided by ebookfields.com, relating to all services currently existing or that are included in the future within the site ebookfields.com (the Site). These services, although they may be free, are not free to use, but are subject to a set of guidelines that regulate their use. The use that an individual makes of the services included in the Site, will only be considered lawful and authorized when it is in compliance with the obligations imposed, with the limits and scope outlined here, as well as those arising from complementary or accessory provisions, and / or of the different legal regulations of national and international order whose application corresponds.

ebookfields.com may at any time and without prior notice modify these General Conditions. Such modifications will be operative from its fixation on the website ebookfields.com. Users must keep updated regarding the terms included here, entering periodically to the legal section of ebookfields.com.

1. Acceptance by Users

ebookfields.com, reserves the right to demand that each user, accept and comply with the terms expressed herein as a prerequisite and necessary for access, and use of the services and / or content provided by the Site.

When a user accesses the Site and uses any of the existing services and / or contents, it will presume the knowledge of this text and that it has expressed its full acceptance with respect to each and every one of the provisions that comprise it.

The user who does not accept, is in disagreement, or will incur breach of the provisions set by the ebookfields.com in these General Conditions, will not have authorization for the use of the services and contents that exist or may exist in the Site, having to withdraw from the Site immediately, and refrain from entering it again.

2. Legal capacity of users

Only can access and use the services and / or content of ebookfields.com, who according to the legislation in force in their place of residence can validly issue their consent for the conclusion of contracts. Those who, in accordance with the legislation in force, do not have such capacity to access or validly bind themselves to the terms and conditions established herein, must obtain inexcusable prior authorization from their legal representatives, who will be held responsible for all the acts performed by the incapacitated persons in their charge.

In the case of lack of capacity due to age, the responsibility for determining the services and contents accessed by minors corresponds to the elders they are responsible for, but in no case will it be allowed. access to the site by children under 13 years of age.

3. User Registration

To make use of the services provided in ebookfields.com, the mere acceptance of these General Conditions is enough. However, for the use of some services or access to certain content, the user's prior registration may be established as a requirement. Said registry shall have the purpose of establishing the identity and contact information of the user.

Whenever a user's registration is required, it must be reliable, and it will have the character of an affidavit. When the information provided does not address the actual circumstances of the person providing it, such user will be considered to be in breach of these General Conditions, being liable for all the damages that may derive for ebookfields.com or third parties as a consequence of such lack of veracity or accuracy. .

The user will have, once registered, a username and password that will allow personalized, confidential and secure access to his personal account within the Site. The services subject to registration have been designed for the personal use of the requesting user, therefore the username and password of access granted by ebookfields.com can only be used by it, being prohibited its use by another person different from it. The registered user will assume the obligation of guardianship and custody of his username and password of access, and must immediately inform ebookfields.com when they have lost their confidentiality status, and / or when they are used by a third party.

It will also be the responsibility of each user to keep their personal information registered in the registry updated as necessary,To communicate to ebookfields.com whenever there are changes in relation to it.

ebookfields.com may reject any registration request or cancel a previously accepted registration, without such a decision being justified, and without this generating any right for the benefit of the User.

ebookfields.com will use the information provided by the user exclusively with the exposed object, and at all times will ensure the reasonable safeguarding of the privacy and confidentiality of the user's communications, but attentive that ebookfields.com makes use of technological systems that under certain conditions may be fallible, it is brought to the attention of the users that ebookfields.com does not guarantee the inviolability of their systems, which is why users should take this circumstance into consideration when deciding to register.

In all cases, and in accordance with the Privacy Policy maintained by ebookfields.com, the personal information provided by Users will be subject to appropriate treatment and preservation, safeguarding the privacy of the same. However, the services of ebookfields.com were designed among other purposes to allow users to access certain (non-sensitive) data of other users allowing the interaction between them within a social network scheme. Accordingly, by submitting any personal information other than your name, the user waives any expectation of privacy that you possess with respect to the use of that personal information provided within the site. Users who do not wish that their photograph or image, website, messenger, city of residence, nationality, or personal description entered on the Site, may be provided to the public shall not register at ebookfields.com.

4. Notifications and communications

For the purposes that users can take contact with ebookfields.com, communications addressed to: [email protected] will be considered valid.

The notifications and communications sent by ebookfields.com to the email box that appears as the email address of the user or sender will be considered effective and fully valid. Communications that consist of notices and messages inserted in the site, or that are sent during the provision of a service, whose purpose is to inform users about a given circumstance, will also be considered effective.

5. Free access to Services

Beyond the obligation to comply with each and every one of these General Conditions, all the services and contents offered on the Site are freely accessible by users. Free accessibility includes free services, which are not subject to the payment of any fee or retribution to ebookfields.com.

Such gratuity does not apply to the services of third parties offered through the site that may not be free, and in the same sense those services and / or contents, current or future on which ebookfields.com decides to establish a fee for its use by users.

Free access and free access do not include Internet connection facilities. In no case will ebookfields.com, provide users with the necessary connectivity for them to access the Internet. It will be by exclusive account, charge and responsibility of each user the provision of the necessary technical means to access the Internet.

6. Of the services and contents in particular

ebookfields.com is an Internet site based on a communication tool that allows users to share their opinions, comments, and in general any type of information that may be of interest to them. The goal of ebookfields.com is the creation of a space of communication and entertainment as wide as possible, intended for the Internet public in general.

6.1. Of the publication

The main service that ebookfields.com makes available to users is the possibility of knowing the expressions expressed by other users, published on the Site in the form of messages or "publications". As established in point 3.

Of the General Conditions, in order to obtain access to the visualization and reading of the publication, only the acceptance of the same is enough; However, the creation and posting of publications, as well as the access to certain publications as well as certain functionalities, will only be reserved for registered users.

Creation and fixation

Those who register at ebookfields.com will be able to publish their publications freely, for it ebookfields.com makes available to registered users a tool for the creation and edition of their publications, together with the necessary means for their storage and display.